Lisa Venerosi Pesciolini
Conservazione e Restauro

Via del Ronco 12
50125 Firenze (FI)  Italia
Tel. +39 055 2302365

The studios in via del Ronco 12 (ring number 6 for Studio Lisa Venerosi Pesciolini; number 1 for Francesca Brogi and Sabrina Cassi’s Laboratorio Fiorentino di Restauro) are located in the ancient premises of the “Cereria Strozzi”, that in 1716 was granted the warrant of suppliers to the Grand Duke of Tuscany by Cosimo III de’ Medici. The company hold it till 1740 with his successors Gian Gastone de’ Medici and François Étienne de Habsbourg – Lorraine, as the exclusive manufacturers of candles for all the churches in the Grand Dukedom. Those candles that illuminated the works of art of Tuscany.